Monday, 29 March 2010

The Twilight Zone

3am and the party is over. 20 minutes of Roadie huffing and puffing then we're off to chez Skooter Farm and bed. GI did us proud on the dance floor despite "the most bitter shandies I have ever drunk". Louise; Dave's Mrs' has been on a fairy cake course and we are plied with tea and cake before turning in. We're surrounded by slightly scary puppets and erotic dolls. The yellow monkey is staring at us. BP, GI, Geoff, and Anthony are to share a deluxe king-size pikey caravan that sits in the garden hitched up to a rotting Hilman Super Minx. Dave built himself a skateboard bowl that's bigger than the house. I was skateboarding in 1976 but got The Fear long before ever venturing into a bowl. In this light it's a thing of beauty. I could have stared into it until dawn. GI who always travels light, but always seems to be prepared with the correct kit for the moment, is sporting 6 year old's jim-jams. Welcome to The Twilight Zone. BP


t said...

the mushrooms were flowing in the North ..all that damp weather is good for something.. we got them here too.

Mick P said...

Is GI wearing a golden fez at a jaunty angle? Is that all about pulling rank over the monkey?

Sideburn Magazine said...

no actually Mick, just tucking one's pyjama top into the bottoms is enough to scupper an evil monkey.