Sunday, 13 June 2010

♥'d Up

Who knows what, where, why,when, how, anything about this bike? I'm in LURVE! Looks like a Harley KR-TT seat hump? BP

Said mystery bike is Davide Caforio's Guzzi. Funny as I was already a fan of his beefcake caff racer that once upon a time was a 1981 SP1000 (the same donor bike as my Zagato Guzzi, GI's Guzzi, and Ewan McGregor's OB1), but I just didn't recognize it after its recent face-lift. It's had more surgery than Mickey Rourke, but turned out rather more attractive.The sexed up spec now includes:
1000cc Le Mans IV engine, 750 2006 GSX-R fork with radial calipers, headstock rake increase from 28° to 24° and other frame surgery by Boris Minoretti. The seat hump is from a Aermacchi Harley-Davidson 250RR (that's the same one as on Seb Lorentz' (Last Chance Garage du 78) Buell caff racer).Guzi3, SB blog reader, turned over the major clue of studio Radio, which is a new multi media exhibition space in Via Pestalozzi, Milan. Davide is the current artist in residence. Magazines, books, films, and music of influence are also selected and shown."Buona Giornata Ben, how are you?
the work is on progress, next part is for the engine to transform in 1200cc. twin spark, and lightweight stuff, magnesium oil tank and hand made little pieces...I wish to finished work for the Verona Bike show in jenuary 2011...
Nice to my Moto Guzzi like you.
Ciao Davide"
Ruote Fiere


Anonymous said...

i think this is the guy you are looking for..

found this article the other day , it looks like the same room your picture has been taken in..

regards Guzzi3

Mick P said...

Good call Anonymous. Radio's homepage is very promising, with rolling videos of a black & white speedway film (the name of which I feel I should know), surfboard craftsmen and... The Fuzztones.

Sideburn Magazine said...

the Davide Carforio Guzzi?! wow it turned out great.
Update to follow....

& Mick 'Once A Jolly Swagman'

guzzi3 said...

hello again
I do not know if you misunderstood my message ..
I only meant that the picture on your blog, is caught in the same room as the link I posted and that guy maybe knew the Guzzi you are seeking

regards Guzzi3

Mick P said...

No misunderstanding. We shall try to track down the Guzzi, but just saying that Radio's sie looks good. Thanks for your concern.

guzzi3 said...

more about it here

Josh said...

Slip It In