Monday, 14 June 2010

Guy Martin news

I've been away working at the Le Mans 24 this weekend. I'd just there on Friday when my phone starting ringing with bad news. Then more bad news, then some better news, but all sketchy. Sideburn's friend Guy Martin had crashed at 150mph on the Isle of Man while on lap record pace. 'Race red flagged' 'He's been airlifted' 'Chest injuries' 'Spinal injuries' 'Bike on fire' 'He's talking' 'It's just bruising'.
Some of it true, some not. Guy's done a few guest races in the UK short track, so I also had dirt trackers wondering what was going on. Well, Guy managed to save his own life, holding his Fireblade up on his knee when the front end washed out, just long enough to make it around Ballagarey and slide down the track at 150mph.
A more comprehensive update is at Red Torpedo's blog. GI
Photo: Ashley via Red Torpdeo

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Anonymous said...

glad to hear he's on the mend.
get well soon connor cummins 2.