Monday, 28 June 2010

Lima half-mile photos

Henry Wiles in a pea gravel wave.
Looks like most of the gravel disappeared by the end of the night. Wiles, Kopp, S. Halbert, Mees and Johnson.
Imagine trying to qualify out of this bunch. 51 riders are trying to make the 18/19 rider main through the heats.
Kopp and Lloyd Brothers Ducati
Smith on the Werner/Springsteen Kawasaki 650. How tough does this bike look?
Wiles was untouchable all day. Fastest in practice, fastest in qualifying and won the dash for cash.
Jake Johnson. I thought his team was Zanotti, not Supertrapp this year.
Steve Bonsey
Wiles getting squirelly
Matt Weidmann
Dustin Crow styling.

Photos: AMA Pro Racing


Anonymous said...

that kwaks cryin out for a feature!!.
she's a beaut.

BP said...

Matt Weidmann has gone hi-viz crazy!
is he worried about getting washed overboard?

Red Torpedo said...

BP, the bright tape is to stop the gravel shotblasting his bars and stuff, I think. The gravel's thrown out at 100mph from the tyre in front and the bike behind is going 100mph - it's like a bullet. And these boys like keeping their bikes shiny.