Sunday, 20 June 2010

Gas City Short Track

Gas City short track Expert Main winner, Henry Wiles. The only Kawasaki to make the main. Seems to have picked up Monster sponsorship too.
UPDATE: I've just noticed how much the whole shape of this shot and the style of Henry is like that of Gene at the top of the page. And the shots are only seperated by what, 40 years or so? G
Jared Mees: 1 on his helmet, as he won the twins titles in 09, 21 on his bike, because he didn't win the singles. This year, as I understand it, there will be just one combined champ again.
26: Brandan Bergen (14th in the main). 42: Bryan Smith, didn't make the main.
Kopp chasing the eventual winner, Henry Wiles
The Halberts. 69 Jethro and 7 Sammy. Jethro came out on top finishing in 5th, one place ahead of his brother.
Other good news, Brandon Robinson finished 7th, just behind Sammy. His best result since the horror crash at Springfield last year.

The Bultaco Cup went off too. William Snyder won it. Any relation to Jenny Snyder?

That's not dust being kicked up, it's two-stroke smoke.

All photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing


dave skooter farm said...

Super -great news about Brandon Robinson. I witnessed his terrible crash and my instant thought was "he's dead" to be out racing at the top level again in less than 10 months is really incredible!!

Stuman714 in Indy said...

FYI--Larry Lawrence (Cycle News and did an interview with #44 Brandon and the young man has a great attitude. He looked great in bringing it home in 7th last night.