Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Gas City this weekend

Expert singles, Pro Singles and the Bultaco Astro Cup all in Indiana.
Those in the photo aren't Astros, but they are at the Astrodome. Precursors to Bultaco's iconic stroker I reckon, but someone out there will know, for sure. With a young Kenny in the middle on, I think a Yam 360 (?). Those tyres have some profile, eh? They took massive.
Someone please send us some shots of the Bultacos after the weekend. G

There sure is some talent in that picture of the hottest three junior/amateur (the
middle level then, just below expert). I'm relatively sure you know that 64R is Gary Scott, and 72N is Mike Kidd, all three future Grand National Champions! Thanks for the picture!...roger

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