Wednesday, 30 June 2010

More from Lima

From Roger
Gary, Here's a pic of a shameless individual (me) with Chris Carr and his favorite magazine to sell!
In Sideblog's Lima photos which are just excellent, Jake Johnson's Supertrapp leathers are last year leftovers, and have his old #14 on the back too.
Lima was a great race and as soon as my lovely girlfriend Patty sends along the pics I took in the pits, I'll send them along to you. The Triumph of Shawn Baer just qualified on the rough track, and in the main, actually broke the frame [PLEASE SEE UP DATE BELOW]. It separated at the top, just where the front of the seat and rear of the tank meet, and only the swingarm and shock held it together.
Wiles and Halbert rode so well! They just cleared off, and Wiles was overtaking lappers even in his 10 lap heat. They both lapped riders in the 25 lap main, but Wiles was just lights out, keeping a 1/4 lap on Halbert in second and lapping up to about 8th place or so. Looks like the XRs are still the bike on rough cushion tracks, and they still sound the best too....roger
PS The best part of Lima is scoping out all the hot chicks in the pits!

UP DATE from Bill Gately of Bonneville Perforamce:
"the Triumph frame did not break, a weld on the sub-frame broke where it attaches to the backbone. There is a support brace there as well as a stop on the swing arm that would not allow the bike to collapse as the brain trust who reported it intimates. This does not bode well for any reader who was considering our chassis.
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