Wednesday, 9 June 2010

SWM SilverTRACK 200

When I visited Fantic Motorcycles HQ near Treviso, Italy last year, the company's designer Riccardo told me he was workign on something dirt track related. Last weekend he sent through the first photos of their prototype. Rather than using the Fantic name, the company has used SWM, another Italian dirt bike brand that Federico Fregnan owns.
SWM were founded in 1971 and made various competition dirt bikes for enduro, trials and MX.
The new SWM is a 200cc DTX bike. Riccardo reckons says
'Here's the first pics of our SWM silverTRACK 200. This is only a prototype to start to work on entry level dirtTRACK bike that
could be good for "newbies" or who want start approach "dirt world". That bike could be the interesting also for a brand Trophy... We also thinking about a street-legal version of that bike .
In the next email more detail and pics.
We love that Dirt World...
Thanks again for your fantastic Blog & Mags, Riccardo'

By brand Trophy he means, what the British refer to, as a one-make series. It sounds a great idea, especially as Italain dirt track is enjoying a renaissance. GI
Historic photos:


Deee Esss Ceee said...

that Zard is sick

Anonymous said...

lovey lookin bike 450 would be mega!.
the old airborne mx shot reminds me of my own mx style, love the look of blind fear on the ol boys face!!!.

il_panda said...

maybe a 250cc engine is a 450 even better than the headings, simply beautiful!

Marcus_of_MarcusMotoDesign said...

That's an awesome dirt track bike! Love that alu mini tank and the other mods.

I get ideas for my own SXV550...



This is sweet as fuck!A SWm!!It would be so cool to have it available,both versions!

#15 said...

it seems this bike was racing in the hands of Vian Antonio at the second round of the FMI flat track trophy see here