Friday, 18 June 2010

Or For Something a Little More Relaxed

There I Fixed It .com one of my all time favorite websites. Classic DIY bodges defying class, style, and all notions of health and safety. BPphoto by Darusha


Anonymous said...

lovely finish, not a cable tie in sight!!

pushrodmofo said...

Is this what's happened to the Project FT?!?!

Sideburn Magazine said...

Dear Pushrod
our FT is a SEX BOMB & the seat never graced a patio. we're not going to release any more photos on the Sideblog. It's 99% done, it just needs a brand new starter motor. It will be a feature bike in SB#6

Anonymous said...

why bother with a starter, would'nt it be cool jus to bump it on the street?.
i used to do that with an old gpz11, got it down to bump and wobble off in one fluid movement!.