Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Yellow Corn Muscle bike

Yellow Corn are a Japanese bike clothing company. Their stuff is as high-end as Kushitani, but emblazoned with random English phrases (see jacket below, shot supplied by Ben Wilson). Then I saw this project bike Yellow Corn built on an interesting Italian blog Framotors. I'm not sure about the chrome graphics, but the shot of the engine in that bare frame does it for me. Inspirational. G


Mick P said...

Must get my dad one of them jackets for his 85th.

Giannis said...

Bumfucked hillbilly..


Cool CafeRacer with a handmade frame!

i think the company that build those bikes called RUSH DEAL

FrAnCeScO said...

exactly, Yellow corn used to build special bikes in the 90's, now it's a just a clothing brand.
Rush Deal is a manufacturer just like Sanctuary, with this bike they race twice a year at the "taste of tsukuba" and days of bikes and roses" races for special bikes divid in categories like "DOBAR" and "DOBAR Monster" powered by old air cooled engine
Great Blog guys!