Monday, 5 July 2010

Class Hauler

1968 Oldsmobile 98 + Honda Trial 90'Chudleigh family on the way to Big Bend Texas 1974' photo Gerry Chudleigh


Murdercycles said...

1968 Oldsmobile 98

Sideburn Magazine said...

yet again I stand corrected.
Thanls Murder'
- I'm only going on what was written on the photographers own photo album.
Odd he didn't even know what car he was driving?!

Diplomate said...

Ben - I'm very worried - flying in the face of overwhelming advice not to, I have always believed everything I read on the intraweb - to have been fooled by your good self twice over shoddy hauler identification I am feeling abused and disolusioned. This is obviously not really your fault, as without the corrections I could have blundered on and been happy in my ignorance..............

Sideburn Magazine said...

my mistake is actually unforgivable as 'My 98' is my favorite Public Enemy track

fredbob said...

Weird to see my old stomping grounds on an English dirt track blog. I learned to ride in that portion of West Texas, back when they allowed dirt bikes in Big Bend itself. Small world.

Great site btw.