Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Chez Coste

Dimitri was still fettling his Triumph TR6C at Chatokhine, prior to shipping it out to the States for the Catalina when we first called around. But as Skooter Farm Dave is such skate head and has such a long skateboard history we knew they would get on, so we called back.
His Triumph (that we featured in SB#5) was laying nonchalantly in the back of a borrowed people carrier; bolstered with soft furnishings. It is now sporting knobblies and a new Hovis-like comfy seat. Having ticked off road racing and enduro, next year he hopes hopes to race the same bike at a UK flat track event. Always good to catch up with the busy man. BP

UPDATE: I've added a few of my snaps. GI
Dimitri C and Ben 'Nathan Barley' Part
Bell race car helmet. Ben couldn't resist.
Evel K stunt car.
Dimitri likes Bell.


SonicSeb said...

a pity we've missed :(

Chopper Crizy said...

Sorry men, but I am interesting at a Bell Helmet like the photo of stands with 8 or 10 helmets.
If possible buy one for my tell please.
Ah!!! You have a great blog & magazine.
How was with Romano in Milano?

Red Torpedo said...

Crizy, they're old Bell Moto helmets of different ages. Try eBay and type in Bell Moto.

Chopper Crizy said...

Thanks Red Torpedo. FTW