Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Jason Crump
Baker, Kennett, Collins
From Short Track UK...

Aidan Collins took a fantastic win in the Grand Final of the Braintree Bonanza in what can only be called some of the toughest handle bar to handle bar racing you will ever see!
The 32 riders went through 3 heat races each with the top 16 points scores progressing the the Semi's.

Semi one saw Team Suzuki rider Peter Boast on Pole, next to 3 times World Speedway Champion Jason Crump and Derek Brindley rounding out the front row. The semi was run three times, the first stoppage was for Steve Plater who took a big highside coming out on the start and finish, the second stoppage was when Darren Trapmore and Glyn Pocklington came together and when the final flag droped in the 3rd rerun, it was a win to Crumpie from Boast with Pocklington taking the last transfer spot.
Semi 2 was a real cracker as Ben Baker took the hole shot but he was hounded by Ade Collins and last years winner Eddy Kennett. Lap after lap Kennett and Collins were trying everything to get past Baker, sometimes going three abreast down the back straight but the young 18 year old Ben held on to the win from Kennett and Collins.

The 12 lap Grand Final lined up with 10 riders - Crump, Baker, Boast and Kennett on the Front row, second row Collins and Pocklington, third row Jacopo Monti, Daz Trapmore, Ben Wells and Road race star Sam Lowes.
When lights went green it was Crump who hole shotted but by the time they came out of the bend Baker and Kennett had got inside of Crump and by the end of the first lap it was Baker, Kennett, Crump, Collins, Boast and Pocklington rounded the top six. On lap 3 Collins and Boast got by Crumpie on turns 1 and 2. On lap 4 Collins made a move past Kennett. As the laps wound down Collins was hounding Baker for first place, Kennett dropped back two bike lenghts and was coming under pressure from Boastie. On lap 10 Aidan Collins seized his chance and just squeezed past Baker. Ben gave it his best shot to re pass Collins but just didn't quite make it and Collins took the chequerd flag for Grand Final of the Braintree Bonanza. He was presented with the trophy by his Team Boss Neil Tuxworth of HMPlant Honda, with a great second for Ben Baker and Eddy Kennett taking last spot on the podium.


stevie coles said...

fab meeting, good vid on DBA aswell.
really captures the intensity!.

Anthony Brown said...

It was like a shit storm. Really tight racing bar to bar. What a great day