Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Chris Carr's Farewell Season

The legend that is Chris Carr has announced 2011 will be his last competitive season as a rider before moving into team management. We can't talk highly enough about Chris and there doesn't seem to be anyone in racing who has a bad word to say against him. He'll be 44 in May, missed out on winning a mile this year by tenths of a second and is still the fastest man ever on two wheels. He's won 78 nationals and 7 GNC titles and raced every GNC champion (except Mike Kidd) since Kenny Roberts.
Good luck Chris!

It appears that the under-age CC is sporting a pre-production Sandy Sideburn sticker steaming up his Bell Star lid?


YZ400BEN said...

Diggin the simplicity of changing the rake by reversing those leading link shocks. Strokers rule. Is CC coming to the UK again anytime soon?

Sideburn Magazine said...

I don't think Chris is coming, but Dave Aldana is coming to race with us, do a Sideburn night and maybe a Flat Track Experience school.
And, being a pedant, the fork switch doesn't change the rake, just the trail, right? G

#15 said...

That picture is so inspiring!! Already carying #1! How old is he there? yep, only ground trail.
Chris is a real ambassador for the sport and a true natural champ!

YZ400BEN said...


Anonymous said...

what an honour to think that some of us lucky brits got to race with him.
something to remember in my rocking chair!!.

Chris said...

Chris Carr - legend