Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Heiwa Honda

Yokohama blah, blah, sorry. I know, the whole world went and we didn't. We've laid off photos, we weren't there (though ForkCo were on our behalf) and those who were did a sterling job of blogging everything worthy quick sharp - but this Heiwa Honda CB77 is just beautiful. Now, is that a KTM swingarm or just one inspired by it? I'm too busy to do the research, but I know one of you will know instantly. G


Pete Stansfield said...

That bike is absolutely superb.

KrookStreetRacing said...

Vely, vely nice.



Ogri said...

How does the rear suspension work ?
Surely there's not enough room for the the wheel to move...or are the rear shocks welded up ?

Dave67 said...

"or are the rear shocks welded up ?"

eheheh, yes with spring like a Fake ! :)

Nice, little.... funny ?

@Gary but the KTM's swingarms don't have also "oblique beams" to reinforce ?