Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Halbert Brothers update

Sammy Halbert (7), Jethro Halbert (69)
It's always great to hear from the Halberts. Sammy sent this...

Hi Gary,
Hope all is well with you, for an update on what I have been up to my blog can be found
Here are a couple cool photo's of the Halbert Bros. Racing team. I have been meaning to send you material for your blog.
Do you have any plans to come to the States anytime soon?
The top two photos are Dave Hoenig's, the one of us racing is from the Springfield mile, and the other is a podium we shared at a fair race in Decatur, IL.
It hasn't really slowed down for me yet, we had another local indoor short track this weekend then a few weeks to get ready for Vegas.
We're all digging the shirts. I know when I wear them I talk to a couple people about your blog and magazine so it should definitely be helping to raise awareness for Sideburn!
As for the Twin (Sammy is building a non-Harley twin to ensure he has the right bike for every track), I am hoping to have it ready for the Daytona Bike week races we usually do every year before the Daytona ST. The first one is usually the last day of FEB in Savannah, GA with a couple more half miles in Barberville, FL. I am sure we will be able to get you some good photos.
Take care,

Below: Winning the Florida Supermoto Race at Tallahassee; Riding a Triumph 675 in a trackday at Jennings. Sammy's hoping to do some road racing in WERA events.


Dave67 said...

hi Gary, but what kind of track is "Sprigfield" 'cause from the photo attached... seems "asphalt" instead of Dirt ! Is this normal ?

Stuman714 in Indy said...

It's actually a mile dirt oval, it just looks 'asphalty' because the groove is all blued up.

Dave67 said...

Ahhhh.....ok !
Then is like a "Photo effect".....

Thank you ;)

In Italy we don't see usually Oval Dirt Track !!!