Saturday, 4 December 2010

Fresh from Yokohama

Yamaha SR
Kawasaki Triple
Z1 mash-up
M&M's W650
M&M's Triumph
David Death Spray is out at the Mooneyes Show, Yokohama and sent these, as he says 'Pics so fresh they're with you before Mooneyes even opens!'
Thanks Mr Death Spray! GI


Löst Jimmy said...

That SR looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

fukin ole trumpet always steals the show !! rightly so......

Anonymous said...

Trumpet's lovely but tain't a pre unit, that's a unit lump.

Sideburn Magazine said...

You're right. I'm a dumbass. M&M's unit Triumph. Corrected. Thanks. G

kawa said...

W650s is nice, but the Triumph just has it