Saturday, 4 December 2010

Vinyl Junkie

(Milan Show Down road-trip contd...) On our way through Paris, the cultural high was meeting up with Skooter Farm Dave's mate Born Bad Iwan Lozac’h. Monsieur vinyl junkie par excellence. What a great evening. Gary and Dave were already in a state of heightened arousal when he said that a particular stack they were thumbing through was for sale. They both came away with some unobtanium vinyl. As for Ivan's collection of figurines, out of print photography/ low brow books, and hot rod memorabilia, well it deserves more than a whole blog dedicated to it. BP

UPDATE: Ivan is also a member of my new favourite band Les Terribles. GI

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Anonymous said...

Myself & The Minx have visited the Born Bad shop in Paris & have to say it's very impressive indeed !!