Wednesday, 1 December 2010

When Playboys Ruled the World

From long-time Sideburn collaborator and great illustrator Chris Watson...

'Never thought I'd be drawing Barry Sheene anytime soon - did this pic for Martin Kelner's screen break column in The Guardian, he reviewed this doc on Sheene and Hunt-did you see it? I caught it here
While drawing Barry's brilliant barnet I felt strangely moved remembering him and the big posters I had on my wall as a little kid, wish I still had them now, they were from rather bloodthirsty and exploitative comics with names like "SPEED" and "CRUNCH". one of these comics even had a strip in it called Death Wish about a sinister stuntman dressed all in black . . .'
Chris Watson

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Team Benzina said...

This was the watershed between the old sport, and the money coming in. What an era, and what a pair of heroes. Hunt was even better than Sheene at the one liners - including the legendary put-down to a track official who finding his wife in bed with Hunt, was told, "When the van's a rocking, don't come knocking"