Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Captain Simo's Harris Ducati

Captain Simo has cropped up on the Sideburn blog enough to get his own label. He is a self-proclaimed Henry the Eighth lookalike who has built some of the most killer street bikes ever to prowl the NorthWest of England (and beyond). His adventures are Sideburn feature-worthy and some will be in the mag one-day. I've only been on one with him, but it was a beauty (dinghy to the TT). For now, here's a Harris Ducati he built in 1987. G


ed said...

love that bike ,

Rupert Paul said...

I remember that bike! It was at the PB Twins Frenzy in 1990. A beautiful thing. Mr Taglioni would have been proud.

DSC said...

that is so far up my street the neighbours are complaining they can't get their cars past