Thursday, 9 December 2010

Jammy Bastards

A lot of people have the common misconception that being a motorcycle journalist is a very jammy job. Ask your Nan, she knows there is an art to making jam, but there's also a lot of back-room elbow grease involved in the preparation. We have been in negotiation with Royal Enfield UK about building a flat tracker for nearly a year before Gary went to collect our new project donor on Monday. We're really excited. Here are some snaps from March when we visited their period correct Nissen hut warehouse in Moreton-in-Marsh. BP


Chris said...

with your interest in engine chops you should definitely consider something like this

the noise at 3.20 is sublime

Harley said...

OK, I'm confused. Didn't RE just show off a tracker stylee Bullet? So why give a perfectly good bike to some (self confessed) Jammy Bastard to swan off and build another one?

KrookStreetRacing said...

I didn't know Jeff Goldblum was into engine chops.


Sideburn Magazine said...

when we first approached RE, we didnt know they were tuned into radio flat track & were busy with their own project. But s a production vehicle in 2011 there's has to comply with lots of emissions, noize & other boring regs. Whereas The Jammy Bastards answer to no one!
We will rip off the fuel injection & cat for starters, followed by some other dead weight. We want a bare knuckle bike - but with some hi-tech touches like we did for the FT

Sideburn Magazine said...

Good job Jeff
sounds a bit too potato-potato-potato- without any muffler for my liking. Looks the biz.

Anonymous said...

would the mota be strong enough to race?.
would be great to have another bike out there.

Sideburn Magazine said... clarify
RE UK are happy for Sideburn to show Joe Public what you can do with a little imagination & a hacksaw. When its all done we will be lending back to them for shows.

& hopefully Yes we'll give it a hiding in a Thunderbikes short track race - although it will be a street tracker.

Tyres B. said...

Have a look at the supernaag bike from royal mcqueen in Bologna. It looks nice but lack the power.

Sideburn Magazine said...

Thanks Tyres B. We know about Royal McQueen and his SuperNaags, but if there are other Royal Enfield modifiers out there we want to know about them. G

streetracker said...

I'm sure that you know Trophy Motos Bobber. Not a flat track style, but interesting. Good luck with the work!

Chris said...

check out Rajputana Custom Motorcycles not everybody's cup of chai but some interesting detail work. Certainly a higher standard than some of the Enfield 'specials' I saw in Baga & Calangute in the early nineties :)