Saturday, 9 May 2009

Aldana grasstrack update

We've had some great responses from people related to random posts we've put up in the post and this is email we got in is one of them. This one gives us an excuse to run another shot from Metro Racing of Aldana's new and old lids.

I have just seen the picture of Dave Aldana grasstrack ridingon your website.
You may be interested to know it was my bike he was riding. We rode short track at Haldon near Exeter. Kenny Roberts, Dave Aldana, myself ( Richard 'Chippy' Moore).
I seem to remember a group of us went to a party at Chris and Dave Baybut's house and rode a grasstrack meeting the following day. Dave Aldana rode my bike for a laugh He was a natural uou would have thought he had been riding grass for years.
Best regards
Richard Chippy Moore (Andy Moore's Dad)

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