Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Vote Carlito

Okay Sideburn brothers. Please take a few minutes to do a good deed. Italian photographer Carlito Shiliro sent us some great shots of Auto Race - the crazy Japanese speedway that featured in SB2 - that are going to go in a future Sideburn. He's a good fella, and wants Sideburn to succeed. So when he told us he's in a Vice/Adidas photography/art/design competition, and it's a big deal to him, I felt I wanted to help. I signed up, it's in Italian, but it's easy, and cast a vote. He's currently in fourth place (out of 15, so he's no mug). The power of Sideburn should push him over the top. Come on! As Carlito said 'It takes a minute to register, I know your time is precious but I really hope you'll take the time to vote. No need to tell you how important it is for me. Your help can truly make the difference!'

It'll make Carlito's year. Obviously it won't help the others, but they're not sending photos into Sideburn. We've got to stick together. Vote Carlito!


Tim White said...


Marcus said...

Voted for Carlito!

Carlito: Spero che tu vincere la competizione e continuare di fare lavoro per il Sideburn! In boca lupo! /Marcus

JONNY said...

Go Carlito, Go!

Anonymous said...

Check out the shirt he's wearing in the interview: Von Deushbag. Har!

rich murdoch said...

Done. he's in 4th now.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much, Sideburn does magic, truly!
I'm slowly heading to the top, still in 3rd position, so if you guys have the patience to tell your friends, lovers and relatives, i would be very thankful

Thanks again to you all and to Sideburn!


KrookStreetRacing said...

Another vote for Carlito.


Anonymous said...

how do you vote once your on ??

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

> Click on 'login'
>Type in your name /or an alias.
>Type in an email address.
>Make up a password (but Not your own email address one of course)
An automated link gets sent to your Email
>Click on link
>Run Carlito [beardy Von Dechbag's] video
>Click on 'vote'

Mick P said...

How could I not support a fellow Roma resident?