Monday, 25 May 2009

Springfield Mile results.

Just scanning the AMA Pro Racing results of the Springfield Mile made interesting reading. Bryan Smith #42 won from Coolbeth and Carr. SB3 cover star Jared Mees was fourth. Further down, Sideburn discovery Brandon Robinson made the main and finished 12th.
The Wood BMW, being ridden by national number 51, Steve Murray didn't make the main. Only one non- XR750 did and that was the Ducati of Larry Pegram. Wow, what a comeback. And this is just a week after getting two top fives in the AMA Superbike championship at Infineon (Sears Point). I don't know loads about Pegram, but it seems like he's got the skills of an old style GNC all-rounder.
One other name stood out among the results. Coming in last in the main (still a monumental achievement for those not fully up to speed with how flat track heats work), was Steve Bonsey. Bonsey is a Roberts protege. He raced in 125 GPs, but for whatever reason (and I don't know them), never really cut it. So he's back in dirt track. And he's running Kenny's amateur number (or at least pre-National number) of 80Y.

In the pro singles, one rung down from GNC, 25A Shanya Texter came in third in the 12-lap final.GI
Smith photo: Tim White
Texter photos: JG Photo Werx via Shayna Texter. An before anyone writes in, these photos aren't from this weekend.


monkeyfumi said...

I think Bonsey had problems with sponsorship in gp. Probably because he is not spanish. A shame.

#15 said...

I also heard the sponsor didn't pay and the team ran out of money

William said...

Those pictures are incredible.