Saturday, 23 May 2009

Good day, Bad day

Got up early this morning to ride my Guzzi to Cadwell for the Classic Bike Burn Up trackday. The ride there was so good I was whooping in my helmet like a rodeo rider. The sun was shining, Lincolnshire was beautiful, the bike felt good, but the clutch is still dodgy. And second to third is clunky. But it all felt good. I did a few slow sighting laps, then got into the first session proper. It all felt good, till I misjudged a gear change. I thought I was in third, and changed down to second. But I was in second. The back tyre locked a little. Then going up the Mountain the engine lost power. I think I've kissed a valve. But I did some work for Hugo, met some good people, the bike needed building anyway and I met Carl Smith, ace sand racer and bike mender. He's just gone freelance and he's local, so he's going to rebuild it for me. I'm happy. And Sideburn 3 contributor Rupert Paul was there, with a two-bike trailer, so I even got a lift home.
Shit happens. C'est la vie.
Here are some of my favourite bikes from the day. GI

120mph Scott Flying Squirrel. Check out the expansion chamber. Amazing bike.

This cool dude had a great Ducati Darmah. I thought I took a picture of it. I didn't.

Classic endurance racing MotoMartin GSX. Boastie was instructing. His Trannie is in the background.

Rupert on the newly finished Simoto, former PB project bike. I loved it then, it's still fantastic. And it was flying, 20 years after it was built.

Heron-coloured GS1000 in a special frame was HAULING! Made me want one.

More classic endurance race class.

Gorgeous Guzzi track bike on 17s. Made much nicer noises than mine did.

Moriwaki Kawasaki Gardner rep was a work of art. Built to race. I want one of them too.

Ducati race bike reminds me of the Cybermen

The owner of this Vincent Comet single racer came all the way from Holland and dropped the bike on the sighting lap (?!) and broke his collarbone. Made a mess of this beaut too.


Giannis said...

What's the marlboro thing on the 5th photo? I cant tell...

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

Hey Giannis
I don't know for sure, look at the photo a bit further down and it looks like an FZ750 with a much later fairing, like an NSR or something.
Don't know for sure.


Kawa,suzuki and vincent...ACES!

DoubleOhTwo said...

Great photos Gary! No good about the Guzzi! Can't wait to hear it's back on the road!

Anonymous said...
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