Thursday, 14 May 2009

Mule Power

From Richard at Mule Motorcycles (he's in Sideburn 3, remember). HE seems to be racing in a prison exercise yard.

'I liked the Velodrome being built pictures! I ride 1-2 hours a day and race twice every weekend. Here's a couple pictures. Downside is, I've been hurt worse and more often on bicycles than motorcycles!!' :-( Mule


KrookStreetRacing said...

1-2 hours of riding every day+racing, along with his full time job in aerospace and fabricating those lovely street trackers of his. Damn. And I thought I was busy.

I do share his love for pedal bikes though. There is no finer machine in the world than a pin lugged steel road racer. Well, maybe apart from that BMW flat tracker in Sideburn #3.


Paul said...

Yeah, bicycling is bloody dangerous. Apparently there are as many near fatal injuries and fatalities for bicyclists as there are for motorcyclists in the UK. Personal and experience of mates back that up...