Sunday, 31 May 2009


Laid off for many a month with kids, kids, kids, kids, kids, kids, kids, kids, kids - well not 9, just 2 little buggers. And I noticed while I had the wheel off with it loaded in the back of the pick-up, that the rear hub bearing bush was shagged. Could get ugly if it's not attended to, but it's unobtainable. Hmm. After a bit of interwebbing the hands-on Teo Lamers, who used to race BOTT, came to the rescue. He had a batch made up from scratch in stock.
If the Dutch want more land, they just build a polder and reclaim a bit more sea. If a factory is no longer making a part, they just make it them selves. Problem solved.
So apart from a trip to Toulouse in a gale, and a couple of evening jaunts just to keep my hand in, the Guzzi hasn't had much action this year. But over the years it has been used and abused. It looks shabby, but it keeps on rollin' it's my Tonka toy. BP


che.lynch said...

Still clunky chunky gorgeous, still trend-setting, still getting posted and reposted all over the internet by admiring chromantic lovers. Ace.

Suerte, Dan

Mick P said...

Nicely put Dan. Only just seen this post - for some reason I had a blank spot at the end of May, but I love your brooding, hunched-up old Guz, BP. Never sick of seeing it. Perhaps you should post that brilliant pic in the docks with the heart-flutteringly lovely Katrien on board. Oh my word, yes.

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

why thank you Mick & Dan. BP