Friday, 8 May 2009

Costa Mesa tomorrow

Costa Mesa Speedway

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Ho ho - I've missed many things in my years but I have been to the circle track in Costa Mesa - "Watch riders shake hands with the devil as they BLAAAZE through the gates of HELL!"

For shits and giggles our group decided to make it a truly whiskey tango night and afterwards went to Hooters (you'll have to look it up perhaps). All was beer and chicken wings until one of our party's (still covered with tattoos from his skinhead days) skinhead looking girlfriend raised the ire of some orange county white power fools. Us skinny types were looking at sure doom in the parking lot if there hadn't been some cooler heads on their side.

If GI or anyone else at Sideburn is coming over in rOctober for the Flat Track Nationals, would love to buy you a drink while here in LA. C'mon over, you only go around once and hell, y'all can write it off!