Thursday, 14 May 2009

Paris Trackmaster

This just in from Bertrand Busillet in Paris. BB and SR Labo supplied the unforgettable shots of Roberts' TZ750 for SB2 and the Wood BMW for SB3. He had Justin at Glory /Rank and File motorcycle build this Trackmaster Triumph for him. We told you about it here. Now it's landed in France.

Thanks for the last issue of SB : once again you did a great work !
Yesterday I went to Le Havre to pick up my bike. I went there with a friend of mine, Dimitri Coste who's a great photographer. He bought to Justin a TR-6 that was built for Jason Lee.
Both bike are in Paris now : we have to get a license plate, and then go to a ride !
I tought you could enjoy some pics for your blog. Just don't forget to credit Dimitri for the pics.
See you soon

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