Friday, 15 May 2009

Ducati to race Springfield

This is from the Roadracing World site. The photo is Pegram on a 916 based bike back in the er... mid-90s? I love the look of that bike. I was almost going to buy a 916 to do that (for the road), but decided against it. Anyhow...

Team Foremost Pegram is racing the 1098 R Ducati's flagship Superbike, and a derivative of the 2008 World Superbike Champion Ducati F08 in competing in the AMA Pro Superbike Series. Pegram is currenty 8th in the highly competitive AMA Pro Superbike point standings.
Larry Pegram will be returning to the flat track series at Springfield riding a special prepared Ducati 1000cc built by Lloyd Brothers and Team Pegram.
Pegram has won two AMA Pro Grand National Flat Track events riding Hondas and one on the dominant XR750.
"We are taking the Ducati Sport 1000cc as a our base line," said Pegram. "After measuring it up, we found the chassis to be fairly close so we are sticking with a stock chassis. About the only thing we are changing is the steering head angle and shortening the swingarm."
Pegram will be testing over the next couple weeks preparing for the Ducati debut at Springfield on May 24th.


Tim White said...

Here he is on a Harley at Indy:

I hope the Duc thing comes off okay.

#39 said...

Mr. White, great photos.

Diplomate said...

shortening the swing arm ! where's that power gonna go ?