Friday, 1 May 2009

Short Track in Giavera, Italy

The Italians really bring something to UK dirt track. Marco Belli is one of the hardest racers out there. He broke his collarbone the day before the last race decider, last October, and still did enough the next day to retain his title. It's about a 1600-mile round journey for every race the Italians compete in England.
Luca T is coming to race as many round as possible and Dario, on his homemade KTM, featured in issue 1, so he'll always have a place in our heart. I don't know who the girl on the supermoto is.
Marco and Luca will be at King's Lynn on Sunday. You should be there too.
Thanks to Jan-Willem for pointing us to these great Italian short track shots. There's a short track video of their practice here too.

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daws said...

Girl on the motard... - #767 Monika

Great to see the girls getting out there and great to see some motards ;)