Saturday, 19 December 2009

KR back on the killer - NEW VIDEO

At last, some decent footage of Kenny on the TZ750 comeback. We were afraid that no one had got decent clips, but Yamaha have spliced together a half-decent short film for those of us who didn't make it in 1975 or 2009. See it over at our friends' site, Hell for Leather.

It all begs the question, if dirt track racing can create such strong memories, why aren't manufacturers throwing a few dollars at it now? It sounds like they're all dropping out of AMA Superbike racing. It wouldn't cost much to have a pro looking effort in the GNC. Triumph, Ducati, Aprilia, Suzuki... Independents are doing the hard work for you, why not give them the money you normally spend on the office plants and really help take the fight to the establishment?

And remember - we had the story on Kenny's 1975 race in his own words, and Ben Miller's interview with KR in Sideburn 2. We have some left, but they're going fast. Buy now and avoid being skinned when they inevitably come up on eBay after we've sold out. GI

Phone photo: Adam Wright


Tom said...

Oh and its in HD too and the sound is better.

When it cuts to the sound of the TZ ripsawing through the revs it makes you wonder what sort of witchcraft is in Kenny's wrist to meter out the power and get it to slide.

All hail the King!

Anonymous said...

many a true word spoken here!.
it would take nothing for the big manufacturers to create a few new "cult" bikes. after all it's these bikes that usually lead to new models for them in later years. a duke roadie based on the pegram bike could be the new monster!!.
stevie 28

dave skooter farm said...

Went to Indy this year and saw this happening's great to see what was happening up close.
Rossis face trackside is a picture, he really is in awe of it all.
The talk in the pits was Rossi was supposed to do a demo lap straight after Roberts...but after Kennys performance, decided not to do it!!