Wednesday, 28 April 2010


With a 3 ton flywheel made of granite, it takes a lot of effort to get each new issue of Sideburn cranked over and started. With zero market research when we bolted #1 together, we weren't even sure if we'd have enough material or readership support to make it to #2. Gloriously we have both in abundance. The logistics of kitchen table publishing are draining, so it's always good to get the first commission under way with healthy fat blue spark.James Chappell will be illustrating another legend for SB#6; Gene 'Burritto' Romero. This is a still from On Any Sunday, of Romero's road racer in the pits. BP
Question: Any reason why Romero spelt Burritto with 2 'T's?


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that quite some research you've done there richM

richM said...

Computer research Ben, computer..not field.