Saturday, 3 April 2010

King's Lynn Practice 2

In it's pre-season colours (no Skooter Farm stickers) my Wood Rotax looked great right up to the minute the new back brake assembly came lose and I had to lay it down and prepare for BIG impact with the boards. And it was right in front of my mum, wife and kids who'd come along to see me. I'm still aching now, nearly a week later. I broke the bike's seat unit. Everything else will polish out. A new seat is on the way from the Red Max Speed Shop. This photo shows my Arai really needs it's sticker on the front otherwise it looks huge. LDV looks good, though, eh?
Remember, first race is at King's Lynn next Sunday. Come along, support the scene, buy a mag or T-shirt, watch the most breathless type of bike racing anywhere in the UK.
Photos: Me and Paul Speed Therapy


Craig said...

I'm sure Dick Mann would have sympathy, or any of us who have done our own maintenance and gone out and had it fall apart on the track. Dick's front wheel came off at the Tulare 1/2 mile coming out of turn 3. What a high-side that was! And we all know your body pain isn't important, it's the cost of the repairs!

Nick said...

Well Gary, your obviously in good company