Tuesday, 6 April 2010

King's Lynn Practice 3

The last instalment of snaps from the recent practice. Racing commences in six days.
This is Peter Boast, UK and Euro champ, who spent the day dialling in his Suzuki RM450 framer. Boastie tends to race his DTX bike rather than this as it's more forgiving.

Co-Built Anthony's new Hein Gericke leathers. Looking smart, but we'll miss the nu-rave Kevlars.

Looks like Baldock Jr (middle) is following Baldock Sr (right) into the sport. I hope he's not as fast as his dad, who is one of the smoothest riders out there.

This is what you look like after dancing till 3am two nights on the trot, getting four hours sleep, then driving 200 miles to wrestle an XR750 around a speedway oval. Viva Steve!

Ian Cramp's homemade framer. I'm still not sure about that swingarm, though.
This is one if NINETEEN Thunderbikes confirmed for the first round. It's not going to be easy to make the 12-rider final.

Col came along without his bike and picked up this satanic 19 for £20. Has anyone drunk that Supermalt he's got in his mitt? I've only ever seen West Indians drinking it before. It tastes like the effluent from Tetley's brewery (I imagine). And it doesn't even get you drunk. Evil stuff. GI

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Tom said...

Mr Cramp appears to be in good company on the spindly swingarm front as Ant West's MZ moto2 bike has got one quite similar, albeit with a bit of bracing.