Monday, 5 April 2010

Indonesia Street Tracker

Beijing earlier in the week, now Indonesia. This Street tracker thing is going wild. Can someone tell us why we're not rich yet? Anyway, love this little budget fella we were emailed today.

Dear people at Sideburn magazine, I'm Gifny Richata from Indonesia, and I just want to show you some pics of my recently built custom bike. It's a 1981 Kawa KZ200. I just want to share the joy I have building this bike and want to thank you for showing cool bikes through your blog & online magazine, which some of them really inspired me to build my own. I'm working as a concept artist/illustrator and started my own studio ( ) and now with my friend Nandang, a mechanic who helped me building this bike, we're gonna start a small custom bike garage called Hajarbroxx motorcycles, and hopefully we'll gonna start making really cool bikes in near future... cheers, Gifny.


Tom said...

Like the first Fireblads, I love the drilled holes!

I have to admit for having a soft spot for tiddlers... More fun thrashing a little one and this one looks sweet.

Josh said...

Id like to see pipe side.

t said...