Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Chopper Dave's Casting Company

A compact package of goodness arrived at Sideburn HQ the other day. Chopper Dave casts his own parts, and while a lot of it is for American twins (that I haven’t got) these fantastic footpegs can be made to fit anything. The Death or Glory pegs are going to be adapted for my Guzzi. They cost $80 plus shipping. The Race Only points cover is going on the back of my LDV.
It even came wrapped in the sex ads from his local paper. 'TS 8.5 fully functional'. God only knows what that means, but I don't want any of it.
Thanks Dave. Get your stuff from Chopper Dave’s Casting Company.

And read Jeff Wright (of Church of Choppers) writing about Dave’s bike in Sideburn 5. GI


Mick P said...

Now, I'm only guessing, but that means Trans-sexual with a fully-functioning 8-and-a-half-inch Frankenstein whang. Well, you know, wet Wednesday night, nothing on the telly...

Mick P said...

... having thought about this a little too much, I suspect the whang is original issue, so it's the tits that'd be Frankensteinian. All good fun, eh?