Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Stafford Classic Bike Show

Had a great ride out to the Stafford Classic Show last Saturday with Ben Miller and Chippy. We met up at the trucker's cafe at the side of the A1 in Colsterworth for breakfast, sausage and egg sarnie, two cups of tea. I don't have breakfast out nearly enough. What a treat.
£1.29 a litre + 27-litre tank = ouch!
Bumped into loads of people I knew including these two, Dave Skooter Farm buying a Gary Nixon shirt from Julian Ryder. Jules is a legendary motorcycle journalist, author and also British Eurosport MotoGP commentator (along with the excellent Toby Moody). He, for me at least, was the soundtrack to Fogarty winning all his World Superbike titles and for that alone his furry fizzog will always have a special place in my life.
Julian had a stand selling lovely, weird motorcycle collectibles...
Including these pre-advertising era speedway vests. Coventry Bees and Poland, pictured.
Loads of neat stuff on the Davida Helmets stand. Including this Death Spray Custom design...
And Hugo Wilson and Fiddy...
The show is huge, fantastic, packed with owners clubs. Like the Raleigh Owners Club...
... and the CZ Owners Club
...and the Rudge Owners Club
This was parked next to the Wall of Death
Good friends Eastie, Steve DL (making dungarees look surprisingly good) and Capt Simo and Louis.
Mr and Mrs Part in 30 years time?
Anthony Co-Built in 30 years time?
The Guzzi kept up well, didn't let me down, even though I was riding with an Aprilia Mille and Bandit 1200 (they obviously could've left me for dead, but the Guzzi didn't embarrass itself). Sun shined all day. Can't beat it. The next one, the Classic Mechanics Show, is in the Autumn. Same place, many of the same stalls, but a bit more focus on post-60s stuff. And Eddie Lawson is guest of honour. G


Anthony Brown said...

Your worng Gary!!!

10 years time

stevie coles said...

its days out like that i miss most, when having no road bike.
i really miss road bikes at this time of year, the smell of spring, and rape seed in bloom through the fens.

Anonymous said...

Your wrong Gary!!!

30 minutes time

Mr Part

Pete Stansfield said...

Yep, good show. We went too, photos on
and some more to come.

DSC said...

that lid has been made without any DSC consent, knowledge or involvement.

Mick P said...

'Rape', 'fens' and 'bugger' all in one post. Who'da thunk it?

Guzzi's looking good, G.

stevie coles said...

lol, only after a few glasses o moonshine!.
and only relatives of course!!.