Thursday, 22 April 2010

Project FT Update

Lots happening on the FT front. EBC have kindly made us a custom front disc. Carl at CFM fitted some Yamaha TDR250 forks he had to replace the worn-out stock ones. We kept the stock wheel and triple clamps. We didn't want adapter plates and couldn't find a disc off the shelf. So we had a 320mm disc made to suit the fork legs with a centre to suit the Honda wheel and offset. Great.
EBC say 'The cost is £187.73 for a floating discs and for rear £107.73. Lead time is normally 3-4 weeks through the summer months and shorter through the winter period.'

EBC also supplied a replacement rear disc as the original one had more grooves than a James Brown LP.
We also bought a Yamaha R6 front caliper off eBay, for £45, that'll bolt straight to the TDR forks. The FT's going to be a beauty. GI


WoMpY said...

Good brakes is the new spool and rear juice drum.

d2 said...

What diameter are the TDR fork legs?