Monday, 4 October 2010

Dang fun: Hooligan class

From Garrett B in, I think, Colorado. Garrett is important to this blog because A. His bike was on the first ever post. B. He has a Mummies tattoo (and I love the Mummies). C. He has a neat Sporty street tracker. And D...

I FINALLY went racing this past Saturday! I rode in the "Hooligan" class for street legal bikes, on my sportster. There were 8 riders, and I got 2nd in the heat race and 3rd in the main.
I'm hooked! Plans are in the works for next season... I think I'll still run the Sportster in hooligans, but I'm converting the little Aermacchi to full-on race bike to run in the Vintage class. It's just a short track, so should be fine.
Dang FUN!

GI You raced in jeans?! Do you have to remove the front brake lever for that class?
GB: Jeans and VANS! Crazy or stupid I guess... I can really see how that hotshoe would be helpful! Almost kicked myself in the head. Next season will see some more protective gear... Brake stays on for Hooligans.
The guy who won the class was on a wild KZ750. He raced open pro later in the night. I stayed within a length of him in the heat race, but during the main he pulled away a bit, and I also got beat by a cb360. We lapped the field up to 5th. I got called a "sicko" by one of the riders, but there were a couple guys out there on choppers who I think were the real sickos.

GI: Did your buddy with the green Sporty race too?
Yeah, his name is Barry, he raced too. He's got that very cool Shawn Murray trackmaster tank.
It was his first time on a track of any kind, and he did very well considering he was on a 400-plus pound bike!


Paul Baleta said...

Nice one Garrett!

Bob said...

haha! thanks Paul! i've got a long way to go...


User.One said...

Fuck yeah. Nice one fella, good words.

Travis Newbold said...

Awesome. colorado flat track is alive!
fuck yes.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year all!!! The scedule is near finished for 2011 Flat Track season. Be sure to attened the Colorado Motocycle Swap to get more info on this seasons races. I really hope to see more Holligan class racers attending. You know you have though about it so make it your goal to run with the Holligans this year!!