Thursday, 21 October 2010

Jeff Wright Props GI

Too modest to blow his own trumpet here, so I am tooting it for him.
Jeff Wright has honorably listed GI as one of his top 12 biking influences...

WD: Chopper Dave speaks highly of you, so who are your influences in the motorcycle world?

JW: Tom Fugle, Roland Sands, Shinya Kimura, Brandon of Brawny Built, Joey Dunlop, The Bench Mark guys, Gary Inman, Vise, Ken's Factory, Hot Docks, Japanese, Chopper Dave, etc….These are people I look up to and respect their work.
My true influences come from race bikes.

Read the full interview by Wes Drelleshak of Street Chopper on the Church of Choppers blog. BP


Mick P said...

I think you'll find he meant Gary Inman Home Plumbing, who works out of Saylorville. Excellent rates and no job too small.

Stuka said...

Living leg end..!! ;)