Thursday, 14 October 2010

Patrick's AJS built with help from FRED

This is Patrick's wonderful AJS we feature in Sideburn 6. Dimitri Coste sent us the photos and I wrote a few words to go with it. But I made a mistake. The guy whose expertise built the bike is called FRED, I mistakenly referred to him as Frank. This upset Patrick greatly. He pointed out in the strongest terms that I am a useless retard. All I can do is agree. Mick in Rome checks the magazine before print but there was no way he'd know that I'd got Fred's name wrong.
I'm not cut out for this kind of work. Luckily McDonald's are hiring. If they give me a chance, as I hope they will, this could (and probably should) be the last you hear from me. If not I will just have to carry on making mistakes and upsetting people. If I do, I apologise wholeheartedly in advance.
And I'll take this opportunity to say sorry to Patrick and Fred once more. It really was an honest mistake made by someone who always tries to do too many things at once. Fred, you did a great job. Patrick, you too. GI

PS The person who never made a mistake never made anything.


Mick P said...

Oops. And here's me thinking it was this Frank.

Susokary said...

Hope Fritz will forgive you...

Greetings from France.

Russ said...

Don't worry Dave, we all make mistakes. I would consider I am having an above average day if I managed to find my arse with both hands.

Nick said...

Well they both start with F