Sunday, 31 October 2010

Zaeta: European Champions

We just heard from Paolo, the man behind the Zaeta project, that his number one rider Marco secured the Mefo Sport European Championship title yesterday on the Zaeta DT. Marco won the Czech race, and was assured the title when his main rival, Richard Mason, was stranded in Germany with a dead van. We're sorry for Richard because he's done some serious miles, on his own, leaving the UK to contest the Euro rounds, but there can't be many amateur bike racers of any sort in the world that do more miles than Marco Belli. He's competed in 90 per cent of the UK flat track races for the last five or six years, plus raced the majority of the Euro rounds and is instrumental in starting a series in Italy (so maybe he won't have to drive to England so often, which is a shame because the series will miss him). And he pays for it all out of his own pocket (though I think the Mefo Sport series had some prize money this year).

Paolo's message was simple 'First racing season and lot of happiness (much less money but that is ok)'
Congratulations to Marco, Paolo and the Zaeta crew and everyone behind another season of Euro Flat Track. GI

Read more about Marco Belli in Sideburn 3 and more about the Zaeta in Sideburn 5.

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