Thursday, 21 October 2010


If you made it to our issue 5 release party Wig-Out in Wigan you know you'll want to attend this. If you missed it, this is your chance to make up for the shocking error.
All the same ingredients. Timewarp venue with bargain basement beer prices; The incredible Stags; Sir Johnny Alpha DJing (plus Sideburn's GI spinning a few tunes). Loads of influential and beautiful people; dirt trackers letting their hair down (or at least getting drunk and dancing); one of the most fun live bands you're ever going to see.
People are travelling from all over the UK for this. Sideburn, Co-Built, Skooter Farm, Davida, Red Max... will all be in attendance, though in reality it has nothing to do with bikes and everything to do with dressing up (probably as a lady) and getting down. Are you gonna be there?
Friday October 29. The British Legion, Upper Dicconson St, Wigan, WN1 2AD

UPDATE: We'll be giving a bunch of Sideburn stuff to the best costume. The Stags will be judge, jury and executioner.


Anthony Brown said...

Wouldn't miss it!!

I have a whole sweatshop working on my costume as we speak. Although I hadnt fully considered the crossdressing element. Hold the sewing machines I need to make a change!!

dave skooter farm said...

Spent the afternoon with Captain Highside fabricating and then carrying out intensive testing on some of the props........what a laugh!!
Bring some old clothes...or at least a change!

Rupert Paul said...

The Stags were outrageously good last time. Like the Rezillos in 1977, but funnier. A proper party. Too bad work means I can't be there.

Rupert Paul said...

Possibly 1978. But who's counting.