Wednesday, 27 October 2010


I have a new monthly regular writing about roads for Bike magazine. I'm treating it as a column rather than a guide to the road. It's fun to write and the mag has commissioned Adi Gilbert/99 Seconds to illustrate it. It looks great. Feel free to suggest roads I should try. They don't have to be long or great, just memorable for some reason. GI


Diplomate said...

love the illustration - fear and loathing in Lincs - haven't read any yet as my magazine budget is blown on SB and CB.

mp said...

a140 ipswich to norwich

motorcycho said...

come over here to BC (Canaduh) and ride some great twisty roads!!!

Meyer Ranch said...

Pamplona to San Sebastion, Spain. Not the direct route though. Look on a map and find the one with the most curves. Did it a few summers ago after running with the bulls. Best road I've ridden yet.

Diplomate said...

It has to be said that any road that allows you to demonstrate your bravery and motorcycling skills to the pursuing police has got to be OK. Even an un-remarkable route can be spiced up by including on and off ramps, roundabouts and furious lane changing. Hunter S T demonstrated this good to effect in the desert and I'm sure this can be achieved anywhere. SIDEBURN promotes safe and responsible riding on the highway.

User.One said...

Ride at night.
Take Monmouth Road from Usk towards Cold Harbour.
Sweep through the overhanging trees and hold your nerve through the left-right flick with the mud strewn field entrance before passing the Hall Inn.
Dive down the short straight to feel your head dip through the basin as you climb up and get ready to take the third serious bend which kicks you wide on the exit.
As the grey thread turns into Usk Road, wind on the hammer all the way to the roundabout.
Why at night? So you can chase the white eyes of the cats.

Sideburn Magazine said...

I'm going to come and do that. Fancy riding it with me?

User.One said...

Sure, drop me a date and time. I'll spring for the chips in Usk.