Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Spritz by Fritz

We were sent a DVD to review, so we passed it to our friend Al at Skeleton Chop Shop blog. Al is a welder, fabricator, pinstriper and custom painter, so we thought he'd have a better idea of how good the DVD is. Here's what he reckons.

How to Paint your Motorcycle at Home
Spritz by Fritz

In this DVD Fritz takes us on a trip to a show quality paint job. On the journey he covers, in great detail, all the processes from basic to technical in a friendly and easy to understand manner. He covers prep, sanding, prime, paint, gold leafing, lettering, candys, flake, fades, pinstriping and polishing. I’ve painted a few bikes from home in my garage and wished I had seen this DVD 10 years ago! The only slight downside is Fritz could do with a camera man. Every five minuets he has to mess with the camera. I first heard of Fritz when he was painting for Indian Larry so you know he’s going to be good. Fritz speaks to us like we're his friends standing in his garage, this gives the DVD a real good vibe. I would recommend this especially if you have never painted before. Buy it here Spritzbyfritz.com
Al Williams

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