Friday, 24 December 2010

Sideburn 9 Lives T-shirt

New Sideburn T-shirt has just arrived. To quote our mate Fly 'It's a tiger on a motorbike, what's not to like?'

Designed by cult British illustrator Stevie Gee exclusively for Sideburn. It has the 9 Lives tiger four-colour screenprint on the front with the Stevie Gee logo. The back print reads Sideburn in hand-drawn font by the artist too. And it's printed in England on a quality Gildan 100% pre-shrunk Ultra Cotton shirt.
Size small to XL.
Colours Sport Grey and Air Force Blue.
Like all Sideburn shirts, we limit to one run. When they're gone that's it.

The inspiration? Stevie says
"I finished your 4 colour tee design today. Hope y'all like it.
After our ongoing conversations about danger, risk and death, I decided to draw a big cat on a bike as they are super lucky, having 9 lives and all."
Best Stevie Gee

Buy it in the Sideburn Webshop. We'll be posting orders between Christmas and New Year.

UPDATE: Oh yeah, every 9 Lives order gets 2 Sideburn Soul vinyl screen-printed stickers


Angostura Bitters said...

i love them, guys!!! i wanna get both colors. the tee shirts you use are nice quality, thick cotton, which feels comfortable against all my scars and MAN FUR!!!

Anders Hansen said...


minx said...

...pretty please do this in a skinny fit ladies size...I'll buy a shit tonne of them...I promise...

Sideburn Magazine said...

Minx, you're just going to have to let a seamstress loose on a small. Custom is in.