Monday, 27 February 2012

Ace Cafe Flat Tracker Day Report

Look, I know I was whining about the date, but how many T-shirt hot days do you normally get in Norf Lahnden in February? One benefit of being sat behind a pasting table in a bike park for six hours is you get to see...
All the comings...
And goings...
Reino from TriCo/ The Great Frog and James from Kingdom of KicksConrad Leach turned up with his friend on matching Ducati tiddlers. A brilliant way to come out of the closet.
Stunning C&J framed Buell.
Signwriting by Ornamental Conifer.
Co-Built flanking demon racer (and soon to be Sideburn cover star) Tim Neave.
The Vintagent.
Chief Corpse From Hell, Maxwell P on his BSA from Sideburn 9.
Every photo I took had a at least one misshapen man in a black jacket in the background. I asked this lady if she wouldn't mind helping me prove that's not all a British bike meeting is about.
Nico from Ornamental Conifer. He did the great signwriting on our Enfield.
Dave the courier was selling this amazing R1 special in a one-off Steelheart frame. £6000 ono. He's been distracted by a hardtail race-tuned R1 chop. UK Short track 2011 novice champion, Stuart L, turned up on his rascal of a Sportster.
Photographer Sam Christmas and his Speed Four.
Swamp Rat!
Reilly Rocket crew.
Red Max had a big display of road and race bikes.
Including this AJS 125 project he's been collaborating on.
Always good to see a Sideburn Zombie.
This is Guy's BMW. He's racing it in Dirt Quake's inappropriate road bike class. It's filling up fast.
Nick's fantastic Cheney Triumph. Says he's racing this at Dirt Quake too.
Drogo's finished Co-Built racer.

Obviously it wasn't all street trackers, more an excuse of the gathering of the tribes. Thanks to everyone who came down, especially if you bought something. G


Anthony Brown said...

Really nice report Gary

kk#38 said...

~.kirk anderson of kansas
knows future "cover star"
.. Tim Neave
& thanks for the
great support.

Nick said...

Looks like I missed a good day, mind you got a lot done down here, but still can't get the brake light working on the BMW

Jeff Wright said...

Very neat! Looks like it was a great event. Thanks for sharing!
Fabulous bikes!

Janne said...

Flat trackers are reaally the new cool. or old cool maybe, anyway I have to build one

Anonymous said...

Love the swamp rat, co-built geoff doin a remarkable rossi impression aswell.
Glad you got some sun.


Yep , nice report dude , we were soooo lucky with the weather !
The AJS 125 streettracker in the pic is for sale on Ebay right now .
Cheers Steve