Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Black Arrow update

The Black Arrow. Remember it? My Reynolds 531-framed GSX-R1100? Click the label below to find out more, if you're interested.
Anyway, it's been bored out to take 1216cc CP pistons and Guy Martin spent 15 hours polishing and porting the head. Progress is slow-going, but I love it. Carl at CFM helps me out loads. Racefit have too. Engine rebuild next and the seat base is with Steve Adams (who covered both Project FT and our Enfield's seat. He's brilliant).
Read the progress every month in Performance Bikes magazine. G
Photo (of my head in Guy's workshop): Jon Urry

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KrookStreetRacing said...

Oh, we're interested. Just keep working on the thing. Can't wait to see it finished.