Sunday, 12 February 2012

Project Enfield update

We had to get Sideburn's Project Enfield looking finished for Royal Enfield UK's stand at the Motorcycle Live Show at the NEC, late last year. Thanks to CFM, Co-Built, Revolution Custom Paint (who did the basecoat) and Ornamental Conifer (signwriting star) it was done. But, big but, because we converted it from EFi to carb we didn't have it running. According to Royal Enfield UK, no one had converted one in the UK and they didn't know how to do it, but Josh at Indimotard Adventures in India said it was easy, so we asked his advice and he sorted the required parts and sent them from India.
As soon as they arrived we took the bike and the parts, including the old loom, to Rupert Paul, who, after 30 years of not liking auto electrics now loves making looms. We have swapped his work and time for some of the parts we replaced on our 2009 Bullet Classic. He'll use them for his own Enfield project (see below).

We're at the fingers crossed stage, because we want the bike running soon so it can go in Sideburn 10.
Below is the wiring diagram Rupert has designed.
Rupe's own Enfield project (below) used to belong to the late John Robinson, a former colleague of Rupe's and a legend of UK bike journalism. Rupe is doing up the bike, that hasn't run for about three decades, for John's grandchildren to ride. What a lovely fella he is. Our front forks went straight in the old Meteor Minor. The back wheel is a bit trickier.


User.One said...

Looks really nice and good luck with the loom! Witchcraft and smoke I tell thee!

andrewdavidtaylor said...

G...If you have a problem with the final set-up, Hitchcocks Motorcycles (RE specialists) do a EFi to carb conversion in their catalogue/weblist. So I'm guessing they must know their way around the potential problems that might occur....Dave

Chris said...

Second that for Hitchcocks, they know their onions

rustyli150 said...

I fucking love hardtails. The lines just seem to flow RIGHT.

Sideburn Magazine said...

Thanks. Hitchcocks didn't offer that product when we started on this. Somewhat worryingly, they kit they offer has different components to what Josh told us. G